Oh hey, it’s me, Rocky!

This is why we do it – to evoke smiles and spark joy.

Rocky is fun and super fresh. But you know what? Rocky is a movement! It’s #selfcare for girls that they can see a representation of themselves in.

Friends, this month we will embrace that it is ok to accept negative emotions and process them in a healthy way. Let’s focus on Kindness with meditation and prayers. We can take a moment and send loving, positive thoughts and prayers for our family and friends. Here are some phrases to start with “May you feel safe” “May you feel happy” “May you feel healthy”

Don’t forget to check in with yourself and loved ones. How are you feeling? How are you doing with all the changes we’re experiencing as we practice #socialdistancing? Stay positive and stay healthy. What are some of the fun things you’ve done to stay positive? 💜

Remember, you are a smart, beautiful, kind human being!💜