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About Rocky

Rocky Robinson illustration

Rocky Robinson self-care products were created to celebrate the brilliance and beauty, both inside and out, of Black and Brown girls. Our products – which include shower gel, lotion, and lip balm – fill an important space in their eyes: They’re clearly made for them!


Each brightly colored bottle features Rocky Robinson, a Black girl with deep brown skin and textured hair. She’s a confident young Black girl who can do it all, brimming with positivity and enthusiasm. For our customers, Rocky represents a cheerleader, a friend, role model, a rockstar, a gem – a young Black girl, who is striving to be her best, while loving herself exactly as she is along the way.


Of course, what’s inside the bottle is just as important as what’s on the outside. All Rocky products are lightly scented and phthalate-free. And they’re made with naturally skin-nurturing and moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, argan oil, and coconut oil.


The goodness goes beyond the products themselves, too. We are proud of our purchase > donate program, which anyone can participate in when they buy our donation sets. This allows us to donate our self-care essentials sets to girls identified through organizations that are committed to supporting the education of girls and securing better outcomes – helping them dream, and live, the highest vision for their lives.

Meet Our Founder

Audra Robinson is a dreamer – a frequent first-and-only at far too many tables – who wanted to help young girls see themselves represented in ways she never did.


In developing Rocky Robinson, Audra went back to her favorite family

tradition: Each Christmas Eve, her mother would gift Audra and her sister a pair of new pajamas, a book, and a bath kit. All these years later, Audra knows now it was a ploy to get the sisters into bed as they waited for Santa. But in those moments, she reveled in having a shower gel that was just for her and used it as a moment for self-care and self-reflection. Now she’s (quite literally) bottling that feeling for parents to share with their young Black girls everywhere.


Audra is passionate about her work, and welcomes the opportunity to share her experiences with groups both large and small. She especially enjoys supporting entrepreneurial and career workshops facilitated to youth via schools, community programs, and non-profit organizations. If you’re interested in having Audra speak at your event, please feel free to reach out to her.

Photograph of Audra Robinson
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